Heidemarie Huber of enVISION Wholeness

Dear Seeker of higher levels of vitality and joy,

Did you know that people have harnessed the power of the mind to cure diseases, anaesthetize pain even during surgery, overcome fears, phobias and trauma, increase their IQ and creativity, and deepen their connection to inner spiritual guidance. And you can, too!

You are far more powerful than you ever imagined.

HM-Portrait-Frame smallHi, I’m Heidemarie Huber, a certified professional hypnotherapist of EnVision Wholeness.

If you are ready for your healing journey, I would like to be your guide. I can help you find the power within yourself to overcome inner obstacles and activate your own amazing healing wisdom. For deeper, long lasting life transformation, there is no simple one-size-fits-all approaches. While pre-recorded audio programs can make a difference, only YOU hold the map to your healing journey through your unique inner landscape. With deeply compassionate, non-judgmental support, I provide a therapeutic process to guide you to activate powers within you that you never knew you had.

True wholeness is our natural expression, the true essence of who we are, and of who we came here to be. Far beyond simply the absence of disease, wholeness means feeling great – and BEing great – in every part of ourselves: BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.

Your wholeness –

your fully vital and alive, liberated and authentic self –

is knocking on your door.

Are you ready to open it?

WELCOME on your journey from envisioning to becoming the wholeness you are meant to be!


Heidemarie Huber

Manifest the Wholeness you enVISION for your Life!

Heidemarie Huber – Training and Certifications

Professional Hypnotherapy Training


Certification Number: HT 309-162

Training:  Hypnotherapy Academy of America, Albuquerque, NM.

This school is considered one of the world’s most comprehensive, in-depth, high quality hypnotherapy education programs. Features of the school:

  • Hands-on practice supervised by 6 experienced professional hypnotherapists,
  • 300 hours of study for certification as Master Hypnotherapist,
  • Licensed by the state of New Mexico,
  • The lead teacher, Tim Simmerman-Sierra, author of the premier textbook, Medical Hypnotherapy, widely used in hypnotherapy schools around the country,
  • Hypnotherapy courses for CME credit (Continuing Medical Education) to physicians and nurses through the University of New Mexico medical school.

The Hypnotherapy Academy of America also works with the National Institutes of Health, developing hypnotherapy protocols for use in their mind-body medicine research.

Certification: American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (A.C.H.E.)

Because hypnotherapy is not regulated at the federal level, professional certifying boards set their own standards for the training of practitioners. Founded in 1980, the A.C.H.E. was established to set a higher professional standard of training and code of ethics for its member schools.

A.C.H.E. approved schools are now located in 14 states in the U.S. as well as 10 schools around the world.

There are now more than 9,000 A.C.H.E. certified hypnotherapists worldwide, including professionals such as physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, as well as other mental health professionals.

HypnoBirthing® Training

Official Seal Certifying a practitioner of The HypnoBirthing® Institute

This comprehensive training is only open to childbirth professionals and certified hypnotists.

For 25 years HypnoBirthing® practitioners have helped thousands of pregnant women around the world rediscover their ability to give birth naturally with greater ease and comfort. HypnoBirthing® training programs are now offered in 40 countries worldwide.

The HypnoBirthing® Institute requires its practitioners to recertify every year and to continue their ongoing professional education with CEU credits. Committed to excellence, our professional community continually works together to improve the HypnoBirthing® program with our experience and the latest scientific evidence. 

Please see The HypnoBirthing® Institute to learn more!

Hypnosis for Pain Certification

Healthy Visions Logo

Pain Management with Hypnosis Training at Ron Eslinger’s

Healthy Visions – American School of Clinical Hypnosis!

  • Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists,
  • Accepted by the American Board of Hypnotherapy,
  • Approved by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists for Continuing Education Credits.

Ron Eslinger is known as “the king of pain” for his expertise in practicing and teaching HypnoAnesthesia. He is a retired Naval Officer, a Certified Nurse Anesthetist and a Certified Master Instructor of Hypnosis.

In addition to his private practice as a professional medical hypnotherapist and his training school, Ron teaches and lectures at a many nursing programs in colleges around the country.

Labor Doula-In-Training

Heidemarie Huber CAPPA Doula training


Heidemarie Huber is currently training to become a certified Labor Doula through CAPPA:

Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association.

CAPPA is one of the first and most comprehensive perinatal professional organizations in the world. Since it was founded in 1998, it has trained and certified thousands of Labor and Postpartum Doulas, Childbirth Educators and Lactation Educators.

The CAPPA Approach

CAPPA is dedicated to serving the needs of women, their babies and families through pregnancy and infant care. CAPPA’s approach is based on these four cornerstones (based on their website www.cappa.net/about:)

  • Using evidence-based information in practice
  • Embracing positive mental attitudes
  • Approaching all situations with a loving, non-judgmental mindset
  • Building bridges among support and healthcare professionals
The CAPPA Philosophy
  • CAPPA celebrates the fact that the human body is designed to support pregnancy and give birth safely and normally the majority of the time.
  • CAPPA believes that all women have the right to make informed decisions regarding their options throughout pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and breastfeeding.
  • CAPPA recognizes a family’s right to make the decisions that are best for them.
  • CAPPA believes that women have the right to be surrounded by those they love and trust during the perinatal period.


Be sure you have the REAL HypnoBirthing® Program.

There comes a time when a business is so successful, other businesses crop up trying to imitate it – although they are trying to compete, this is a form of flattery, really. And competition keeps a business on its toes.

Well, HypnoBirthing® is one of those successful enterprises. We make great strides to offer the highest quality education, maintain the highest standards, and keep up with the latest research. Certified HypnoBirthing® practitioners undertake a rigorous training only open to certified birth or hypnotherapy professionals. So be careful, and make sure you enroll in classes with a practitioner who bears the certifying HypnoBirthing® seal shown here!

Please be aware that only the HypnoBirthing Institute certifies HypnoBirthing® Practitioners. Only the HypnoBirthing Institute holds the federally registered, trademarked name and all copyrights to the material of HypnoBirthing®.