Meet Me - My Natural Way of Life

Heidemarie Huber: a Natural Way of LifeHypnoBirthing® is a natural calling for me. It joins the two things to which I have lovingly devoted my life: nature and children.

As a retired Montessori teacher, I believe that each child is born with the potential to co-create a harmonious and beautiful world. The most powerful key to world peace is found in the way we nurture that sacred potential. And it all begins with a healthy pregnancy and a peaceful birth.

As an organic gardener, the magnificent power and perfection of the natural world never ceases to amaze me. Life is indeed a miracle, and we are all so marvelously made! The Creator of life on Earth is the foundation of my spiritual connection – it has never failed me. I believe in using our intelligence to change ourselves according to nature’s ways, rather than trying to change nature according to our whims.

That’s why I support my family’s health with a healthy lifestyle. And guess what? We rarely get sick. That’s why I support you in having a healthy birth. That way, everything is much more likely to happen smoothly and optimally, according to nature’s perfect plan.

My Philosophy - Nature's Perfect Plan

A Natural Way of Life – My Childhood Dream

Ever since I was young, I wanted to live a simple life in harmony with nature. I dreamed of building a house where my impact on the planet wouldn’t be so destructive. I dreamed of growing food in attunement with nature without harming the environment. I dreamed of a hands-on life: baking bread, milking goats, sewing clothes. I dreamed of the Zen Buddhist ideal of living mindfully, as expressed in the phrase: “chop wood, carry water.”

People thought I was crazy. I was told natural living was old-fashioned and belonged in the past. They insisted that modern technology made life better. Instead of worshipping technology, however, I felt a deep faith in nature. Indeed, years before “sustainable” became a popular catch-word, I foresaw that technology used at the destruction of the biosphere couldn’t last. Even though I learned to keep my feelings and beliefs to myself, the dream never stopped tugging at my heart.

A Natural Way of Life – Montessori Education

In addition to nature, I have also always loved children. After college I started to pursue a Master’s Degree in elementary education. Just when I was becoming disillusioned by the problems in the traditional approach to education, I attended a lecture on the philosophy of Montessori education.

I was enthralled. Here was a philosophy that was in alignment with what I believed about nature! Instead of trying to make children adapt to the method of education established by tradition, Dr. Montessori made a method of education adapted to the way children learn naturally! I moved to Atlanta, enrolled in an internationally accredited training program, and went on to teach.

A Natural Way of Life – Homesteading and Homeschooling

Our First Baby - A Natural Way of LifeThen Stephen and I met. He was teaching environmental education at the local Nature Center. Finally we found in each other a friend who loved nature and children. Finally, we found a friend who shared the dream of a natural life. We joined our lives in marriage and bought land in the lovely hills of Tennessee. Together we built a solar-electric powered, wood-heated, natural house, grew big gardens and raised a bunch of farm animals. This is the healthy, natural way of life in which we have been rearing our four wonderful children. Our hands-on, natural farm life has been a perfect backdrop for homeschooling our children, incorporating methods and materials from the Montessori approach.

See a video of our homesteading life below, or watch it on YouTube under the title: Sacred Earth Lane.

A Natural Way of Life – Birthing My Own Four Children

Back when I was teaching at a Montessori school, I read the book Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin and the midwives at The Farm in Summertown, TN. I became very enthusiastic about natural birth. With each pregnancy, I attempted to prepare for the best birth I could.

If only I had learned HypnoBirthing®! My first birth turned out to be a cesarean which I now know could have been prevented. My second child, Angelina, was born at The Farm with the authors of the book that had inspired me. Then came Noah, born in a bathtub at a wonderful birthing center. (I haven’t written their birth stories yet.) The best birth was saved for last: Sylvan, born at home, is the subject of a children’s book I wrote and illustrated entitled A Magical Night in May.

A Natural Way of Life – Holistic Health

So why did I become a hypnotherapist? What does that have to do with a natural way of life? As my children grew up it was time to find a way to contribute to the world beyond my own family. When I thought about the things I love most – nature and children – I realized that to heal the earth, people need healing on the deepest level of consciousness. I became interested in holistic health, which led me to study the mind-body connection, which led me to discover hypnosis, a powerful tool to restore wholeness: unifying body, mind and spirit.

It all boils down to nature’s perfect plan.

I believe we are made with the potential for wellness – that sickness is not an accident, but comes from stress that weakens our resilience. If we are able to reach our highest potential nature gave us, we can live to the fullest. By healing ourselves, we naturally bring a healing influence to the world.