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    "I continue to use the relaxation techniques I've learnt now that I am the parent of two small children."

    "Thank you again - I will be recommending your techniques to my family, friends, and hopefully one day my own daughter."

  • Polar Opposite

    "I love our five year old daughter Rylee to pieces, but my birthing experience with her was so traumatic and horrendous... after hypnobirthing... the birth of our son Nash couldn’t have been more different; a joyful, positive experience, a complete polar opposite to five years ago."


The many advantages of HypnoBirthing

Did you know…

you could have a relaxed, peaceful, welcoming natural birth experience for you and your baby?

HypnoBirthing® is the best way to make it happen.

By taking the fear out of childbirth, HypnoBirthing® restores women’s faith in their own natural power to give birth. That way they experience more ease, less pain, and less medical intervention.

Bringing a life into this world is meant to be an intimate and beautiful event.

Thanks to this amazing program you can learn the art and joy of birthing without drugs, and with much less pain. (Many women birth without any pain!)

The unique advantages of HypnoBirthing®

“We believe that every woman has within her
the power to call upon her natural instincts
to bring about the best possible birthing
for her baby and herself.”

– Marie Mongan

Founded in 1989 by Marie Mongan, HypnoBirthing® childbirth education classes have been helping thousands of women in 45 countries around the world to birth gently, safely and comfortably.

HypnoBirthing® offers advantages to all mothers, whether they birth in hospitals, birthing centers or at home with professional midwives. HypnoBirthing® classes are empowering women across the globe to birth THEIR way – with dignity and joy.

The health and safety of normal mothers and their healthy babies are far better assured when the body’s own natural physiology is allowed to unfold in childbirth. (Read the page, Reasons to have a natural birth for more information.)

Many HypnoBirthing® moms have the natural birth they’ve always wanted,
without the pain they’ve always feared!

Here to Support Your Journey to Parenthood

Let me introduce myself. I am Heidemarie Huber, mother of 4 wonderful children, and a certified HypnoBirthing® practitioner.

Parenting is one of the most rewarding, transformative experiences of our lives.

Mothers need and deserve to be treated with respect as they make major decisions about their bodies and their babies – decisions that impact the rest of their lives.

That’s why I am dedicated to supporting you and your partner in this life-changing transition, with essential and reliable information, powerful and practical techniques, and a thorough awareness of your options. From pregnancy, to birth, to care of your newborn baby, I am here to help you make informed choices that are just right for you.

“We must understand that childbirth is fundamentally a spiritual, as well as a physical, achievement… The birth of a child is the ultimate perfection of human love.”

– Dr. Grantly Dick-Read

Your Enrollment Includes

More advantages of HypnoBirthing – your classes come with these helpful products!Advantages of HypnoBirthing - for a happy healthy pregnancy before birth

CLASSES – In 5 small and friendly classes, 2 and ½ hours each, you and your partner will learn invaluable lessons that benefit you before, during and after birth.

BOOK – The classic HypnoBirthing® text, all 302 pages chock full of information – from the history of birthing, to natural birth physiology, to diagrams of exercises and labor positions, as well as Marie Mongan’s own amazing birth story.

SELF-HYPNOSIS – 5 professionally written hypnosis scripts to practice at home. (To learn more about hypnosis, please see What is Hypnosis?)

CDs – Bask in deeply restorative relaxation with 2 CDs of guided visualization programs for stress reduction, confidence building and bonding.

VIDEOS – By watching fascinating videos of HypnoBirthing® mothers birthing their babies awake, alert and feeling good, you will build confidence and a positive expectancy. (At the end of the video, the joy is so overwhelming, there won’t be a dry eye in the room.)

HANDOUTS – forms for planning your birth preferences, birth prompts for the birth partner, positive affirmations, and a guide to good pregnancy nutrition.

PERSONAL THERAPY SESSION – As a certified professional Hypnotherapist, I offer you a free private therapeutic session to liberate yourself from any fears or painful memories that may hold you back from having a beautiful birth experience.

Advantages of HypnoBirthing Before Birth

  • achieve vibrant health with our excellent guidance, helping you provide optimum care of your baby – and YOU, too!
  • help your baby grow a healthy weight and fully developed lungs and brain;
  • prepare your body for a great birth experience with a few simple toning exercises;
  • deeply relax with self-hypnosis and breathing techniques– stress relief that will serve you for the rest of your life;
  • enhance the love between mother, baby and birth partner with pre-birth bonding activities;
  • overcome fears and anxieties about birth with professional self-hypnosis therapeutic programs;
  • feel prepared and confident, with a thorough, complete – and positive! – education about pregnancy and birth;
  • make informed, educated choices of your options that meet your needs;
  • create a birth plan and practice successful ways to talk to your birth professional to get answers you need;
  • prepare your birth companion to participate supportively in the magic of birth.

Advantages of HypnoBirthing During Birth

  • greatly diminish – even eliminate! – fear that causes tension, and thus pain in labor;
  • harness the incredible power of endorphins, your body’s natural pain relievers;Advantages of HypnoBirthing during birth - safe, gentle and comfortable
  • thoroughly understand your body’s amazingly perfect and normal birth process;
  • promote a shorter and calmer labor with time-tested ways to keep that masterful birth physiology of yours working smoothly;
  • use natural approaches to challenging birth circumstances – such as stalled labor or turning a baby in breech position – often preventing unnecessary drugs or surgery!
  • remain peaceful and energized with deep relaxation techniques;
  • feel supported and protected by your well-prepared, confident birth companion;
  • reduce chances you will need any pain medication or medical intervention;
  • use a proven method to help ease your baby out; minimize perineum tearing!
  • learn a special way to “breathe the baby out” instead of pushing in order to protect your baby from stress and oxygen deprivation;
  • awake and alert – free from mind-numbing drugs – you and your birth partner can fully embrace your little bundle of joy, emerging right into your loving arms;

Advantages of HypnoBirthing after Birth

  • have lasting memories of a fabulously successful birth experience;
  • allow the mysterious natural power of oxytocin to fully work its magic into your and your baby’s heart, bonding you for a lifetime of loving relationship;
  • enjoy breastfeeding with ease, knowing that drug-free birth has allowed you and your baby’s natural hormones to do their perfect job;
  • protect your baby from disease with the powerful immune boost of colostrum, the first “milk” your body naturally produces;
  • regain normal strength and energy within a few hours, ready to engage in your new life together;
  • start your baby’s life with great health – not just physically, but emotionally as well;
  • feel a sense of empowerment and accomplishment from your positive birth experience, boosting your confidence in the journey of parenthood that lies ahead.

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My dream is that every woman, everywhere,

will know the joy of a safe, satisfying birth

for both her baby and herself…

Marie Mongan

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