• Joyful Experience

    "At first I was very skeptical about HypnoBirthing. But as soon as I took the classes and realized childbirth is something that is a happy, joyful experience, not something to be afraid of or something that "hurts". I can not express the amount of joy I have received from this experience. How much this has... made childbirth joyous. I can't thank you enough."

  • Welcomed with All the Love

    Our beautiful baby boy was born at 6:46 am, he was received by his father and welcomed with all the love our hearts are able to contain. He was immediately placed in my arms, while we awaited the placenta delivery... Our baby boy didn’t cry, was the most remarkable pink and didn’t even require suctioning of his nose. I was able to immediately nurse him, a remarkable experience that early...

  • Smiling

    I was so relaxed and ready for this baby. My midwife delivering told me that she had never seen anyone push like I had. I would breathe down the baby, then stop and relax and just smile and use breathing techniques. I was actually smiling! The nurses were amazed, and stated "Is she smiling?" "I can't even tell when she is pushing." With a few more birth breaths our beautiful baby was born with only an hour of breathing down."

The Best Birth Experience for You!

Heidemarie Huber's family at the beach.

Heidemarie Huber’s happy family

Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.

Barbara Katz Rothman

Start your life together

with the sacredness

that honors the miracle of life.

Pregnancy and birth are powerful opportunities to lay the groundwork for your child’s health and happiness. Birthing precious souls into the world is profoundly meaningful – some may even call it spiritual!

I should know. I have been blessed by the beautiful births of my own 4 wonderful children. Years later, I decided to dedicate myself to helping YOU and YOUR BABY have your very best birth experience. I became certified by the HypnoBirthing® Institute and am in training to become certified as a Doula.

Empowering you to give your baby – and yourself! – your best birth to start this miraculous journey of life together…

Well, that’s what enVision Wholeness is all about.

Our birth experiences
often make the greatest impact
on our lives.

I am here to serve moms, dads and their babies of SE and Middle Tennessee and NE Alabama, so they can have their best birth experience possible!

Why having the best birth matters -

Every birthing woman needs a Doula

Childbirth is not simply a medical event. We are so much more than just physical bodies.

While you and your baby need the physical safety of skilled health care by a quality physician or midwife, you ALSO need emotional safety and support. From an experienced and trained mother who knows how to help you.

As your doula, I can provide you with the assistance, information, reassurance, encouragement, respect and love you need for your best birth to begin life with your new baby.

Let me support you during labor –

The Gold Standard of Birthing with Hypnosis

An informed birth is a safe birth

For 25 years, HypnoBirthing® has been helping women around the world return birthing to the calm, beautiful and peaceful experience it was intended to be.

When a woman is properly prepared for childbirth and when mind and body are in harmony, Nature is free to function in the same well-designed manner that it does with all animal mothers in Nature.

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