What HypnoBirthing® Moms are saying

  • Peaceful Environment

    Helena was born intervention and drug free in a calm, peaceful environment... and I will be forever grateful to you for providing me with the tools to create such a wonderful environment and mindset for labour. It was a joyful experience, and I believe that by helping me to relax both during labour and leading up to it, it has contributed to my peaceful and contented little daughter, and to my quick recovery.

  • First Birthday

    "I have celebrated my HypnoBirthing baby's first birthday today... I had a beautiful birth thanks to all the techniques I learned. My partner and I have been saying all today what a wonderful day our son's birth-day was, so special, spiritual, and wonderful.

  • Joyful Experience

    "At first I was very skeptical about HypnoBirthing. But as soon as I took the classes and realized childbirth is something that is a happy, joyful experience, not something to be afraid of or something that "hurts". I can not express the amount of joy I have received from this experience. How much this has... made childbirth joyous. I can't thank you enough."

  • I Felt No Fear

    I wanted to thank you for teaching such a good HypnoBirthing class... I was amazed within seconds I became relaxed, happy, and ready for my baby. We arrived at the hospital relaxed, smiling, joking around and ready to have the baby. I felt sensations, but I felt no fear."

  • Orgasmic

    “My labor started early in the morning, and was pretty much unaware of it. When the surges started to get stronger I just used the breathing I learned and focused... it didn't hurt hardly at all, it was quite orgasmic in a word! It felt nice. I caught him and brought him to my chest. I felt amazing, I'd done it, just lying there cuddling my new son, I burst into tears of joy!”

    - Julie Hall, UK

  • My Favorite Birth

    "It was by far my favorite birth, the ease with which I birthed, the speed and the recovery has been amazing.  I’ve felt fantastic and haven’t experienced pain other than typical afterbirth pains... There was such a difference with this birth versus the previous two that I’d experienced. Even though I’d done this two times already, I was more educated about the entire birthing process. In comparison to my other births I could actually feel my body doing the work for me and quickly too."

    Kristen Robinson

  • Truly a Miracle Baby

    "my son is truly a miracle baby... According to 3 doctors, and many not so fun tests, I was told I would never be able to bear children. I did not accept no for an answer. Thanks to Deb, my hypnobirthing instructor Regina, my doula and my partner Bayu, Baby was born naturally, without drugs. It was a magnificent experience. If anyone wants to have a special and magical birth, you owe it to yourself to contact my colleagues.

    Christie, NY

  • Positive Thoughts

    I knew from the beginning that wanted to do HypnoBirthing. I’ve heard nothing but great stories about it. I approached my practice of HypnoBirthing with positive thoughts ...Never once throughout the entire birthing process did I experience pain... I could go on an on about HypnoBirthing. It truly is a wonderful tool to use to naturally bring a child into the world. I am very proud to say that I had my son naturally with the help of HypnoBirthing.

  • Very Impressed

    “Three midwives attended the birth of our daughter and all were very impressed by my ability to cope with labor.  The midwives almost didn't make it in time, because I was coping so well, I didn't realize how far I had progressed until my water broke when I entered "transition." The skills my husband and I learned in HypnoBirthing gave us confidence and greatly eased my birthing experience.  I feel such gratitude for my instructor and the program in general.  Throughout my labor I kept reciting my favorite affirmations to myself, and I never felt any fear.  Looking back on my experience fills me with joy and pride."

    -Claire Graca, Canada

  • Insanely Beautiful Experience

    "For us the birth was an insanely beautiful experience! It was a unique experience and we can recommend HypnoBirthing to everyone, since one can prepare themselves perfectly."

     -Loan Kutter, Switzerland

  • Hours fly by unexpectedly

    I’m not sure how long this lasted, it wasn’t long. Time truly does cease to exist in the miracle of birth. On one hand it seems as though it was taken so long to get to a particular point, but overall the experience passes so rapidly and hours fly by unexpectedly.

  • Welcomed with All the Love

    Our beautiful baby boy was born at 6:46 am, he was received by his father and welcomed with all the love our hearts are able to contain. He was immediately placed in my arms, while we awaited the placenta delivery... Our baby boy didn’t cry, was the most remarkable pink and didn’t even require suctioning of his nose. I was able to immediately nurse him, a remarkable experience that early...

  • The comfort of home
    <h3>There is so much to be said for delivering in the comfort of one’s own home and room, surrounded by familiarity. It was incredible to welcome a new child into our hearts while our other children slept down the hall. I will never forget the looks of stunned astonishment on my daughters’ faces when they entered our room about 45 minutes after the baby was born. We were immediately able to bond as an entire family.</h3>
  • Way Nature Intended

    The thing that probably sticks out the most in my mind was being able to feel my body do its job the way nature intended. The difference was marked, I could indeed feel the birth happening, our baby was extremely calm upon being born and unlike my other two children there were no markings or bruises on the baby or his face from a laborious intensive birth experience... even with the small amount of time that we had to practice HypnoBirthing the amount of change in the birth was very substantial."

  • Smiling

    I was so relaxed and ready for this baby. My midwife delivering told me that she had never seen anyone push like I had. I would breathe down the baby, then stop and relax and just smile and use breathing techniques. I was actually smiling! The nurses were amazed, and stated "Is she smiling?" "I can't even tell when she is pushing." With a few more birth breaths our beautiful baby was born with only an hour of breathing down."

  • Listening to your body’s needs

    "I received so many comments from nurses and my midwife. 'You are a pioneer woman!' 'That was amazing! I have never seen any first time mom or anyone give birth like that!' and lastly my midwife says 'You were very in tune with your body, you knew when you wanted to push, when you needed to do things without promptings, and most amazingly you did this all through relaxing and listening to your body's needs.'

  • Non-Traumatizing Experience

    "I was walking within hours of having my baby, eating steak and potatoes and smiling. I have to say that my baby could not be a calmer baby. I would have to say that that is in result of a non-traumatizing experience for him. No pain meds, no unnecessary testing, no early cord clamping, no vaccinations, no injections. And most importantly the bonding experience because I requested 24 hour rooming, for the baby to be placed immediately on my bare skin, and for any tests to be done in my arms."

  • Contented, happy baby

    "People always comment on what a contented, happy baby he is. I just can't say thank you enough. I was absolutely petrified of birth after my first experience 14 years ago and now I could do it all again tomorrow!!"

  • Recommending your Techniques

    "I continue to use the relaxation techniques I've learnt now that I am the parent of two small children."

    "Thank you again - I will be recommending your techniques to my family, friends, and hopefully one day my own daughter."

  • Natural Way to Birth

    "I was so impressed with the way my attitude toward birth changed. I started the class scared and skeptical, and now I am completely confident and excited about the birth of our first child.

    I found HypnoBirthing a relaxing, natural way to birth a child. The program has helped me to reclaim my power as a woman and trust my body to do what it was designed to do."

    Thanks, Jody (UK)

  • Polar Opposite

    "I love our five year old daughter Rylee to pieces, but my birthing experience with her was so traumatic and horrendous... after hypnobirthing... the birth of our son Nash couldn’t have been more different; a joyful, positive experience, a complete polar opposite to five years ago."

A Revolution in the History of Natural Childbirth is born

Marie Mongan

Marie Mongan, founder of the HypnoBirthing® Institute

January 3, 1990 was an important day.

A grandmother eagerly awaited the birth of her grandson.

But this was no ordinary birth, and no ordinary grandmother, either! For on that day the success of this birth would mark the birth of a revolution in the history of natural childbirth education as well.

The grandmother was a determined woman by the name of Marie Mongan – commonly known as “Mickey”. Just the year before, in 1989, Marie had written the book about her natural childbirth education program, HypnoBirthing®: A Celebration of Life. Her daughter was the first mother to learn this method of birthing in comfort, free from drugs and surgery. Against tremendous opposition and disbelief, Marie had discovered how to have a painless childbirth for herself when she gave birth to her own four children, starting in 1954. Bringing together a unique blend of physiology, relaxation techniques and hypnosis, her natural childbirth education program became known as HypnoBirthing®.

HypnoBirthing Sweeps Across the Country

After ten successful HypnoBirthing grandbabies were born, this happy family experience soon reached a world clamoring for a method to birth safely, comfortably and without drugs or surgery. Meanwhile, other natural childbirth education programs were gaining recognition: most notably Lamaze, with its emphasis on breathing techniques, and the Bradley Method, with its emphasis on husband coaching. In addition to breathing and partner support, Marie Mongan included a new element in her curriculum: self hypnosis. This powerful, but profoundly misunderstood method of harnessing the deeper levels of the mind makes HypnoBirthing unique in the history of childbirth education.

Ms. Mongan had won awards as a leader in teaching and in hypnotherapy, as well as a scholarship to Harvard University. With a Master’s in Education and in Hypnotherapy, together with many years of experience as a college counselor and dean, she exhibited brilliant talent in psychology and education. Her skills and passionate devotion contributed to the creation of a wildly successful childbirth education program.

It didn’t take long for the news of happy HypnoBirthing® moms, dads, and their babies to spread. From television to newspapers and magazines, this innovative approach to childbirth education quickly made history. On television, HypnoBirthing® has been featured on ABC and FOX news, on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and on the Richard and Judy Show in England. Articles about this successful approach to natural childbirth have been written in Time, Newsweek, WebMD, FitPregnancy, ePregnancy, as well as many prominent newspapers.

The Establishment of the HypnoBirthing® Institute

With all this media recognition, HypnoBirthing® had to grow. To reach the swelling numbers of parents eager to have a joyful, peaceful and comfortable childbirth experience, the HypnoBirthing® Institute was founded.

For more HypnoBirthing® in the news, see this youTube video.

HypnoBirthing® Today

Today, thousands of HypnoBirthing couples around the world are lovingly and comfortably birthing their babies each year, joyfully reclaiming the sacredness of birth. They are showing the world that, by freeing themselves from fear that inhibits the natural physiology of birth, we are
• dramatically reducing the rate of birth complications and cesarean surgery,
• protecting our babies from pain-killing narcotics, and
• experiencing labor with ease and comfort (sometimes even have a completely painless birth!)
(See more about HypnoBirthing® statistics here.)

Perhaps even more significantly, these mothers and fathers are raising a generation of children who enjoy the deep psychological benefits of natural births, benefits that come from powerful first impressions of being welcomed into the world as a joyful, loving and gentle place to live.

The 4 Premises of Physiological Birth

History of HypnoBirthingHypnoBirthing® is much more than an education of birth physiology and a variety of powerful techniques – it is a philosophy of birth. Based on an inherent faith in nature’s exquisite design, these four premises describe our underlying approach.

1st. Women’s bodies and their babies know how to birth. The design is perfect. It needs to be respected and left unimpaired.

2nd. During birth, women should be treated according to the status of their health and that of their babies, and not in a one-size-fits-all manner.

3rd. Birth is best left undisturbed and uninterrupted. Each intrusion, each needlessly imposed procedure, test or exam is an assault on the birthing body and can upset the natural rhythm and cause the birthing to go askew.

4th. Labor may rest, or it may accelerate. The process should not be manipulated or managed. It has its own time frame. (HypnoBirthing® book page )


Heidemarie Huber - HypnoBirthing Seal 3Make sure you have the REAL HypnoBirthing® program!

There comes a time when a business is so successful, other businesses crop up trying to imitate it – although they are trying to compete, this is a form of flattery, really. And competition keeps a business on its toes.

Well, HypnoBirthing® is one of those successful enterprises. We make great strides to offer the highest quality education, maintain the highest standards, and keep up with the latest research. Certified HypnoBirthing® practitioners undertake a rigorous training only open to certified birth or hypnotherapy professionals. So be careful, and make sure you enroll in classes with a practitioner who bears the certifying HypnoBirthing® seal shown here!

Please be aware that only the HypnoBirthing® InstituteSM certifies HypnoBirthing® Practitioners. Only the HypnoBirthing® InstituteSM holds the federally registered, trademarked name and all copyrights to the material of HypnoBirthing®.