Reasons to Have a Natural Birth

Reasons to have a natural birth.Is it really true that birth is dangerous and excruciatingly painful? Is it true that only entrusting ourselves to medical intervention and technology can assure our safety?

Or are there scientific reasons to have a natural birth?

Does medical intervention in childbirth – for the vast majority of healthy women with healthy babies – actually increase the chances of complications and pain? The very complications and suffering from which it claims to save us?

There IS a way to have

a safe, comfortable birth –

the natural way!

The bad news

is that the research does NOT support the prevailing obstetric practices in U.S. hospitals today: for healthy mothers and their healthy babies, they often do more harm than good.

The good news

is that you don’t have to remain hopelessly ignorant. You don’t have to helplessly surrender your body and your baby to non-evidence based medical practices.

What exactly is a Natural Birth?

The word “natural” has gotten a lot of abuse lately.

Food products labelled “natural” can contain ingredients from nature, like soy or corn, that have undergone such complex industrial processes that completely change their chemical structure, that the word “natural” hardly fits the description.

Similarly, there is a confusion about what a “natural” birth is. Just because a birth is vaginal doesn’t mean it’s natural. Let’s compare a truly natural birth with a medicalized vaginal birth:

More Reasons to Have a Natural Birth

Natural Birth for Mother
  • Labor begins when the body is ready.
  • Labor progresses at its own pace.
  • Mother is at peace, and so baby is calm.
  • Deep relaxation brings comfort and ease.
  • Mother is neither disturbed nor hurried.
  • Narcotics are not needed, nor pushed.
  • No IV’s, wires or catheter tubes are attached.
  • Mother moves freely during labor.
  • Mother eats and drinks according to her needs.
  • Mother finds a comfortable position to ease the baby out.
  • Mother eases baby out slowly, with minimal tearing.
  • Mother nurses the baby as soon as the baby is born.
  • Nursing causes contractions that expel the placenta.
  • Bonding elicits a gush of loving feelings.
  • Mother sleeps with the baby, and wakes with the baby.
Natural Birth for Baby
  • Baby is left undisturbed while in the womb.
  • Baby experiences mother’s calm hormones.
  • Natural contractions massage the baby gently.
  • Baby emerges gently, slowly, on his own.
  • Without drugs baby breathes easily, without crying.
  • The cord is cut only after it is finished pulsating.
  • Baby’s vernix, protecting his skin, is not scrubbed off.
  • Baby is lovingly held on mother’s breast right away.
  • Free from narcotics, baby’s nursing instincts are intact.
  • First milk is colostrum, highly effective immune support.
  • Baby is weighed and measured after finished nursing.
  • Baby is kept warm in mother’s arms, held gently.
  • Baby’s natural bonding response elicits deep feelings of security.
  • Baby sleeps undisturbed following his own rhythms.
Mother’s Medical Birth
  • Labor is induced immediately after 40 weeks.
  • Wheelchairs, ugly gown, shaves and enemas.
  • Pitocin is prescribed if labor doesn’t progress.
  • Mother is constantly examined and interrupted.
  • Constant disturbances provokes anxiety.
  • Anxiety and Pitocin cause severe pain.
  • Mother tied to IV’s, wires and catheter tubes.
  • Mother cannot move freely during labor.
  • Mother is forbidden to eat, even if hungry.
  • Mother is required to lay on back to push the baby out.
  • Obstetrician often uses forceps and cuts an episiotomy.
  • As soon as the baby is born he is whisked away for tests.
  • Artificial oxytocin is administered to expel the placenta.
  • Mother and baby are often separated for hours.
  • Mother is awakened every 6 hours to undergo examinations.
Baby’s Medical Birth
  • Wires are attached to baby while in the womb.
  • Baby experiences mother’s stress hormones.
  • Pitocin makes contractions rough.
  • Mother’s cut open wider, baby is pulled out.
  • Baby is made to cry instantly upon birth to breathe.
  • The cord is cut immediately upon birth.
  • Baby is washed, and vernix is vigorously scrubbed off.
  • Baby is quickly whisked away for painful testing: harsh eye drops, pricking feet to draw blood, stretched to measure, etc.
  • Narcotics, stress and bottle feeding impair nursing instincts.
  • Nursing often fails, baby loses colostrum’s immune support.
  • Baby is brought to mother hours after birth.
  • Baby is kept alone under a glaring light for observation.
  • Instead of bonding, baby experiences loneliness and fear.
  • Baby’s sleep is frequently disturbed, separated from mother for testing.

Is Medicalized Childbirth in the U.S. Safe?

Let me set the record straight.

enVISION Wholeness is not against doctors.

enVISION Wholeness is not against hospitals. 

And enVISION Wholeness is not against medical intervention when things go wrong during birth.

Reasons to have a natural birth

There are times when medical emergencies require the expertise and equipment provided in a hospital. It’s just that the medicalization of childbirth has taken healthy, normal physiology – natural processes like sleeping, eating, or walking – and developed the field of obstetrics with the same approach used to address pathology – diseases like cancer, heart disease, or pneumonia.

As a result, much of the way obstetrics is practiced today

is not based on scientific evidence.

Every mother wants what’s best for her and her baby. With neither medical training nor time for research, many pregnant mothers rely on their obstetricians for information.

Most obstetricians in the U.S. today tend to favor routine medical interventions in birth for all women, regardless of their health.

And most hospitals require it.

We’ve all been taught to believe that childbirth is dangerous, and that hospitals protect our safety, right? And that we need medicine to save us from severe pain, too.

Wrong!  A careful examination of the evidence reveals an alarming picture:  routine interventions prevalent in hospitals today actually increase chances of complications! From scheduled cesareans and artificial inductions to internal fetal monitors and episiotomies, these practices are traumatic to mother and infant, both emotionally  and physically – compelling reasons to have a natural birth.

And as for pain, HypnoBirthing® classes teach women how to significantly ease the discomfort of labor without narcotics – and many women birth naturally without pain!

Let me show you some startling statistics.

Reasons to have a natural birth.

World Health Organization – Maternal Mortality


The U.S. spends more than any other country in the world on maternal care.1


Despite these expenditures, women in the U.S. have a higher risk of dying from pregnancy-related causes than 49 other countries, placing American mothers’ safety at a similar level with war-torn Afghanistan, Chad and Swaziland2.


In all the world, there are only 8 countries that have been experiencing an increase in maternal mortality rates – and the U.S. is the only developed nation among them.3


The World Health Organization survey of routine obstetrical interventions in 1983 found only 10% of maternity care justified by scientific evidence.


A National Institute of Child Health & Development report published in 1989 concluded that less medical intervention in childbirth was better, even for high-risk pregnancies.

Get the facts.

It’s YOUR body – YOUR baby – YOUR choice.

(1) The Lancet, Global, Regional and National Levels and Causes of Maternal Mortality During 1990-2013: A Systematic Analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study, Volume 384 Issue 9947 13-19 September, 2014)

(2)Amnesty maternal health in the US

(3)Huffington Post, Parents: The U.S. Is The Only Developed Nation With A Rising Maternal Mortality Rate, May 19, 2014

As long as the baby and the mother are perfectly healthy, there’s less likely to go wrong if you just let nature take its course.

Best results come from supporting the natural physiology of birth.

Instead, deep seated fear and mistrust has motivated the medical industry to interfere with the blessedness of bringing forth life.

Let us reclaim our faith in the power of motherhood, the wisdom of nature and the sacredness of life!

Can there be any better reasons to have a natural birth than this?